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Native Fields Landscaping LLC Privacy Policy Statement

At Native Fields Landscaping our goal is the make you happy and comfortable with our landscaping, hardscaping and snow and ice removal service. To do so we have to collect certain information about you. We only collect information that is necessary to serve your needs and request. This Privacy Statement describes how Native Fields collects, uses, shares and protects information from and about you, along with choices you can make about such information. It also contains other important privacy disclosures, such as how we may update the Privacy Statement and how you can contact us.



This Privacy Statement applies to your interaction with Native Fields by in person contact, by phone and online via our website. It covers the privacy practice of Native Fields Landscaping LLC (“Native Fields). It applies to personal information about our current or prospective customers, visitors and job applicants.

This Privacy Statement does not apply to:
• Your interactions with third parties or their websites that are linked to or accessible from Native Fields website or that are operated by unaffiliated parties, even though the website may contain references to Native Fields.
• Native Fields employment-related records.

What Information Do We Collect?

We collect the following categories of information in order to provide products and services to you, to communicate with you, to enhance our products, services and operations, and for other operational, legal and compliance purposes:
• Identification information that can be used to identify you, such as your name, alias, address, phone number, email address, payment information, signatures or other identifiers. We may collect government-issued ID for certain types of transactions, but please provide government-issued ID information only if we ask you to.
• Commercial information, such as products or services you purchased or considered purchasing.
• Protected class information if required under state or federal laws, such as age, gender and family status.
• Audio, electronic or visual information, such as audio recording when you call us or security video information when you come to our office, but please note we may not be able to associate such recordings with you.
• Professional or employment-related information, such as when you provide us the information when you apply for a job with us.
• Education information, such as when you apply for a job with us.
• Inferences or preferences we learn or infer about you.
• Other personal information, if it identifies, relates and can be reasonably associated with or linked to you (or your household).


What Are the Sources of Your Information?

We collect different types of information about you from a number of sources, including information you provide to us, information we automatically collect, information we obtain from other sources, and information we derive or infer about you.


Information You Provide

You may choose to provide us with information when you interact with us. Examples include:
• Identification information. You may provide your contact information in case we need to reach out to you. You may also set up your login and access credentials when creating or accessing your Native Fields customer account.
• To complete transactions, we collect your payment information (e.g., credit or debit card numbers) and signatures. We may need your government-issued ID number or date of birth for certain types of special transactions.
• Commercial information. You may provide or generate commercial information regarding your Native Fields projects, services, purchases, warranties and rebates.
• Protected class information under state or federal law. You may provide your protected
• demographic information, including age, gender, marriage and family status, such as when you give us identifying characteristics to find you on a job site or with employment.
• Your preferences and inferences. You may let us know your preferences with an order for your landscaping plan.
• Professional or employment-related information. You may also provide other professional or employment-related information when you apply for a job with us.
• Education information. You may provide education information in job applications.
• Other personal information, such as your medical and insurance information, if you submit a claim to us for damage or injury.


Information We Collect by Automated Means

We collect information by automated means on and offline. When you use our website or mobile application, Native Fields and our partners may collect certain information provided by you such as:
• Customer provided contact information.
• When you call us or visit our offices, we may collect audio or video information.
• Audio, video or electronic information, such as audio recording of the conversations for quality control, training, and security purposes when you call our office, security video when you visit our office, or dash cam video or tracking on our vehicles. We may use video monitoring and other tracking technologies at Native Fields to enhance security,
protect against theft, protect against motor vehicle claims or other crimes or liabilities. However, we may or may not be able to associate such information with you.


Information We Collect from Other Sources

• Identification information. We may collect your contact information from Native Fields
• affiliates, acquired businesses, public sources or other individuals, such as through a “Refer a Friend” programs or if someone purchases a product and asks that it be delivered to you.
• Commercial information. We may obtain your commercial information, such as your purchase history, from Native Fields affiliates, acquired businesses or business partners.
• Inferences or preference information about you, protected class information under state or federal laws, professional or employment-related information, education background and geolocation information. We may collect inferences or preference information about you from business partners, such as data analytics or survey vendors.


Information We Generate or Derive

Inferences or preference information about you. We may generate or derive some information about you based on other information we collect. For instance, we may analyze your information and infer your landscaping or hardscaping preferences to provide tailored recommendations to you.


Why We Collect Your Information?

We use your personal information for various business or commercial purposes, including fulfilling products and services, communicating with you, supporting and enhancing our business functions and for other legal, compliance and security purposes.


Fulfill Products, Services and Transactions

We may use your identification information, commercial information, online provided information, geolocation information, audio/video, geolocation and other personal information to provide products and services to you, such as:
• Provide and deliver products and services, fulfill your landscaping or hardscaping order and transactions, and manage returns or exchanges.
• Process, record and track your purchases, payments, returns, warranties and rebates for products provided to you by us.
• Create and manage your customer account.
• Conduct and administer special offers for customers.
• Identify and verify your identity when needed to provide you with products and services or access to our systems


Facilitate Customer Communication and Outreach

We may use your identification information, commercial information, characteristics of protected class information under state or federal law (e.g., gender), inference and preference, audio/video, professional or employment-related information, education information, and other personal information to facilitate and tailor our outreach to you, such as:
• Communicate with you through various channels with transactional or promotional information, such as transaction confirmation and reminder, newsletters, coupons and other messages.
• Evaluate and respond to your requests, inquiries and applications.
• Administer programs for product reviews and surveys as submitted by you and other Customers.


Enhance Our Products, Services and Operations

We may use all categories of information we collect listed above to enhance our products, services and operations by conducting research and internal analytics, develop new products and services, perform market research and data analytics, and analyze our products, services, and website.


Comply with Legal, Law Enforcement and Security Requirements

We may use identification information, commercial information, audio/video and other personal information for legal compliance such as, but not limited EEOC employment reporting, fraud prevention and security purposes and/or to assist law enforcement and respond to regulatory inquiries.


How Do We Share Information?

We share your personal information with unaffiliated entities (companies outside the Native Fields) with your proper implied or express consent. Specifically, we share your personal information to conduct business with service providers and business partners, organize deliveries of products, comply with legal requirements and transfer our business.


Service Providers and Business Partners

We may disclose your personal information to companies that provide various services to us in areas, such as installation, supply, information technology, marketing, customer service, research and enhancement, fraud prevention, legal, compliance and risk management.
These companies may need access to information about you in order to perform their functions but are generally not authorized to use the information we disclose to them for any other purpose.
In limited cases, we may disclose information about you to a third party who may also use the information for their own specific purposes. For instance, we may provide your information to a supplier in connection with product warranty or safety issues, with a business
partner who is jointly providing or promoting a product or service to you, or with a social media or online advertising technology company to serve tailored commercial information to you.


Legal, Enforcement, Security and Investigation

We may disclose information about you (1) if we believe we are required to do so by law, regulation or legal process, such as a court order or subpoena; (2) as we deem appropriate or necessary in response to requests by government agencies, such as law enforcement authorities or tax authorities; (3) when we believe disclosure is appropriate or necessary to protect the rights, property or safety of Native Fields, our customers or others, including to prevent physical, financial or other harm, injury or loss or to collect debt you owe; or (4) in connection with an investigation of suspected or actual unlawful activity.


Sale or Transfer of Business or Assets

We reserve the right to transfer personal information we have about you in the event we sell or transfer all or a portion of our business or assets (including, without limitation, in the event of a reorganization, dissolution or liquidation).


How Do We Protect Information?

We maintain safeguards designed and intended to protect personal information against accidental, unlawful or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure or use. Despite these safeguards, due to inherent uncertainty in the use of the internet and information systems and the potential for unlawful attacks by third parties, we cannot guarantee that the use of our systems, website or application will be completely safe or secure.
Information we collect and use may be transferred, stored and accessed off site to support our operations and for security of your information. We retain information for as long as it is needed or useful to provide and improve our products and services, comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce our agreements.


How Can You Exercise Your Privacy Choices?

When allowed by law, you may request to exercise your privacy rights including access, delete or restrict certain use or sharing of your personal information. When we are not legally required to do so, we strive to comply with reasonable requests, but there may be a delay in responding to such requests. For your protection, we may need to verify your identity before fulfilling certain requests. To access or delete your personal information, please contact Native Fields as set forth at the bottom of this policy. We need your contact information, such as
name, address, phone number and email, to submit your request and verify your identity
for access or deletion requests.


How Can You Stop Emails or Text Messages?

To stop receiving emails or texts from Native Fields, you may click on the "Unsubscribe" link if one is provided, reply Stop to a text message, or contact us as set forth at the bottom of the bottom of this policy.


Do We Sell of Information?

We do NOT sell your information for payment. However, we do provide your information as may be needed to suppliers, sub-contractors, and other companies we work to fulfill your needs and requests.


Additional Disclosure to Job Applicants

We collect information from you during your job application, including: (1) identification
information, such as your name, address, phone number, email, and government-issued ID (if asked), (2) professional or employment-related information, such as employment status; employment history, references or your résumé, (3) education information, such as your education background, (4) protected class information required under state or federal laws, such as your immigration status and ability to work legally in the U.S.; personal or family employment affiliation with Native Fields, criminal record and, on a voluntary basis, for our Equal Employment Opportunity compliance purposes: gender, race and ethnic background, (5) audio, video or electronic information, when you communicate with us during your application or interview process and (6) other personal information, if it identifies, relates and can be reasonably associated with or linked to you. We use the information for evaluation, background check, communication and analytic purposes.



This Privacy Statement may be updated periodically and without prior notice to you.


How Can You Contact Us?

If you have questions or comments about this Privacy Statement or if you would like us to update information we have about you or your preferences, please contact us at:
Native Fields Landscaping, LLC
73 Taylor Road

Wharton, NJ 07885